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Concept envisions an end-to-end MacBook Pro running a future “Apple OS”

The trend is launched. First came smartphones with end-to-end displays, such as the iPhone X, and now the expectation that this idea goes to tablets (we are already seeing rumors about next year's iPad Pro), and then also to laptops.

We already saw renders glimpsing what an entire Apple product line would look like, but the Canadian designer Aurlien Salomon It went beyond and not only showed us how it could be a beautiful new MacBook Pro, but also presented its vision of a future "Apple OS".

Check out the video:

His idea covers a completely redesigned Finder with fluid navigation, dark mode, a "Safari Chameleon" with an interface that adapts to the colors of the website being visited, greater focus on augmented and virtual realities, and even the proposal of a s system that would run both mobile and desktop apps.

The complete concept is published in Behance. What did you think?

tip of Tiago da Silva Maricate It's from Fernando Rodrigues