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Concept: designer imagines what a modular “Mac mini Pro” would be like

Since the new Mac Pro was introduced to the world and we know not only its hardware, but also its price, slightly less demanding professionals dream of the possibility of, who knows, a ?Mac mini Pro?.

Based on these expectations, the designer Kevin Noki created a very cool concept that mixes features of the current Mac Pro with rumors of what it would look like before it was introduced, including the idea of ??being able to be expanded using stackable graphics card, CPU, storage, RAM, etc.

The machine's housing would have roughly the same size and shape as the current Mac mini, only with the ?cheese grater? aspect of the Mac Pro and its acclaimed internal ventilation system.

The communication between one module and another would be wireless, using a technology similar to NFC. In addition, taking advantage of the momentum, the designer threw a "Pro Display Wireless" over there. ?

And what did you think?

via Cult of Mac