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Concept: “Apple Lens” is not afraid of being ridiculous – which is good

We already saw some concepts for the rumored smart glasses from Apple, which may or may not come into existence someday. None of them so far, however, have embraced the essentially ridiculous and distinctive idea that you will have a technological piece complementing your vision all the time with information, contacts and of course publicity. So far.

The designer Antonio De Rosa today shared his own vision of what may be the infamous Apple Lens. Well, get ready for a freak show: here we have different styles to suit all tastes, from the little black dress to an opulent bregussim finish imagined in partnership with Louis Vuitton.

The concept would bring an A13 processor hidden in the frame, camera, touch-sensitive control surface and lenses that would display user information at all times privately to the person on the other side, so could not see this interface. The designer also envisioned an accessory that would turn them into dark glasses.

The Apple Lens would have a very interesting feature that, by incorporating augmented reality skills, would extend the screen of the iPhone, iPad, or Mac in front of it, the glasses would recognize the device, and would display other screens next to or above the "real." , complementing the displayed content. We also have a virtual cockpit tool for people driving or pedaling.

"Concept "Concept

A "fitness mode" would measure the user's body information during exercise by displaying data directly on the screens. Finally, the glasses would also have a new form of authentication: Hand ID, with sensors (similar to those of the new LG G8, I believe) that would identify the user's hand vein system to authenticate access. Ah! In the author's mind, the “Apple Lens” would cost from $ 1,950.

"Concept "Concept

For more information, just visit the website the designer created to imagine how Apple would promote its newest product. Really, it was a very deep work if it was the taste of fregus, however, you will tell me.

via Cult of Mac