Concept addresses some good ideas for iOS 12 on an “iPhone Pro”

Concept addresses some good ideas for iOS 12 on an “iPhone Pro”

We are only a few weeks away from the official launch of iOS 11 and finally discovering the super-empty new iPhone, but there are already people with ideas for the future.

the case of John Calkins, which published this week on Behance a concept for iOS 12 running on an “iPhone Pro”. Check it out, in full:

IOS 12 concept on iPhone Pro

Calkins focused heavily on what he called "HomeBar", a functional area located at the bottom of the iPhone's screen. There we will have the Virtual Start button and some dynamic functions on both sides, such as notifications, shortcuts, weather forecast, timer and more. I would say it is a mix of the Touch Bar of the MacBooks Pro with the complications of the Apple Watch.

Although we already “know” a lot about the next iPhone, these details of how Apple will explore its new front-end screen and using OLED technology are still in general a great mystery. So, who knows, some of these ideas by Calkins at will be similar to what we will see from iOS 11 to the “iPhone 8”.

And you, what did you think of all this?

via iClarified