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Computerspielemuseum – How to understand the evolution of video games!

OUYA, GamePop, Project Shield, M.O.J.O., PS4, Xbox One, Wii … what do all these consoles have in common? The past. To better understand the universe of these super powerful machines available today and capable of processing NASA's asteroid tracking data, I need to go back in time and see that for us to have the small box that OUYA needed, a computer that took up half a living room. I spent an afternoon at Computerspielemuseumin Berlin, and I could see that we are moving towards smaller and more powerful consoles.

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At Computerspielemuseum we realize that the controls used in the past are almost larger than the consoles built today. / AndroidPIT
<p>The video game or computer games museum is located on Karl Marx Avenue, number 93a in Berlin, and a must-see for gaming and technology enthusiasts. The museum was reopened to the public in 2011, having been closed three years after the foundation, which took place in 1997. At Computerspielemuseum, in addition to machines from the 1950s, visitors also find postcards exchanged between players, magazines and cartridges. memory used on consoles. It has every thing!</p><div class=

50's remote control

Old controls

To give you an idea, before you controlled your touch-screen games like mobile games in the 1950s, this was the most modern remote control of the time. This model was introduced along with channel TV.

Brown box

Brown box

Yes, the Brown Box is a video game. As they say by a, this "console" can be considered the hand of computer games. Launched in 1972, Brown Box is the prototype of the popular Odyssey games.

Computer space

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<p>Computer Space is a 1971 arcade created by Atari's founders. This machine was the forerunner of commercial electronic games and, to that end, was the first coin-operated machine. In it, you can play Spacewar. Unfortunately, I could not experience Computer Space because it is part of a special exhibit that takes place on specific times and days. So if you are thinking of stopping by the museum, first check out the special screening days on the Computerspielemuseum website.</p>
<h2>Arcade Pong</h2>
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Pong is a game developed by Atari, in 1972, and became a sensation in the arcade aspect. The game consists of a tennis match, where players use rackets or pallets to not let the ball pierce the "lock". This is also a game that is part of a special exhibit!


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<p>Undoubtedly, this is one of the most curious machines of the whole exhibition: PainStation, which, as its name implies, causes pain. If you are a very competitive player, you can leave your blood on the table. But you only know more about this fantastic game, watching the video below, because I do not want to break the expectations right away.</p>
<h2>A visit to Computerspielemuseum</h2>
<p style=Link to video on YouTube.

I confess that I am not a super fan of games, always liked, but it was never a fever like buying k7 tapes in my teens or gadgets via the internet in contemporary times. But it took just one afternoon at Computerspielemuseum to make me really want to have a console (specifically, a Wii U). The interesting thing about being in a place like this is that you can understand how much we have evolved in technological terms, because a giant machine like Nimrod – the first computer exclusively designed to run games – has been compressed and improved, so we can now have a game today. as the Real Racing 3 or Dead trigger running, well, on a mobile device.

The first game I came into contact with was a boxing game at an Atari, and he kept the winner in surprises … it was new because a friend's father had brought it from the USA back in the 1990s. your first video game or the first game you ever played? Let us know in the comments below.

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