Computers with Windows operating system are preferred target of Trojans

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In the first half of the year, 43 thousand new variants of software The malicious report whose main objective is the remote control of machines with Windows operating system, advances the Microsoft security report. In June of this year, Bill Gates’ company went so far as to say that zombies they were the biggest threat to machines that integrated that operating system.

Of the four million personal computers infected with any of the variants of software In the first half of this year, around two million were under the control of this type of programs.

Although high, this year’s numbers are lower than those recorded in the second half of last year, when Microsoft found that 68 percent of infected computers contained trojans they installed backdoors.

Equipment that runs some type of Trojan can be included in networks bot, being the target of spam and other cyber attacks. At the same time, Internet users who use an infected computer can see their personal information being stolen through remote access by third parties to their equipment.

The rootkits, used to hide possible malicious code, remain an unusual threat, with a 50 percent reduction in this type of attacks seen on computers with Microsoft’s operating system in the past six months, the company learns.

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