Computadores com Android

Computers with Android, would you buy?

The day we will use the same operating system on both mobile and computer may be getting closer, would you use an Android computer?

Android computers

Is SmartPC the future of technology?

I don't know about you but I already had the opportunity to work on an HP All In One, almost the same as the one in the top image but black, which brought with it on Windows or no popular Linux distro on desktops like Ubuntu or Mandriva. but the most famous variant of Linux, Android.

The impression is very interesting, it seems that you are working on a "giant smartphone" and on top of that has a mouse and keyboard to make things easier, a very cool experience, I would summarize, but of course also has its cons, for For example, I find it quite strange for a PC system without a desktop, a place to create folders or files, things like that, other than that we have to think about traditional computer programs like video, image, engineering and especially ( and why not?), games!

Positivo Android Notebook
Photo: Positivo Press Release

I decided to talk about it because I learned that our dear Positivo is planning to launch a low-cost notebook, about $ 800.00 with factory Android, touch screen and etc., I LIKE POSITIVE, maaaas. .. the idea seems interesting to me although Harware is not there and the storage is only 16 GB, with 2GB of RAM and a ten inch screen, ok, maybe not a NOTEbook but a NETbook, but something cool to see it being produced here.

I would use a notebook with Android without too much trouble and risk even saying that a device this big enough to use the internet, access social networks and things like that without much suffering; Is it interesting that devices like this end up competing with Google's own Chromebooks? And in theory they would be even a more interesting solution.

What do you think about this, is that in the future we will have computers like this? Would you use an Android PC?

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