Computers from the OLPC project start shipping in October

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

The low-cost computers developed under the One Laptop Per Child project, designed by Nicholas Negrponte are finally about to enter mass production.

Presented in 2002, the initiative that aims to bring portable PCs that do not require an Internet connection to students in developing countries has attracted media attention since the beginning. Perhaps that is why the volume of news produced under this motto is extraordinarily high. Some of them ended up never being confirmed, even when quoting close sources.

The start date of mass production has been one of the areas to produce a lot of news and taken for granted several times, although it has not yet started. This time it seems to be about to happen. The president of the OLPC foundation for the area of ​​software and content, Walter Bender, guarantees that the hardware manufacturers have already given the green light to start production and that there are only some issues to be solved in terms of software. The first PCs are expected to start shipping in October, he tells the BBC.

The equipment will use less than one watt of energy when connected to electricity and have autonomy to run on battery for 12 hours. They will have AMD Geode LX processor with low energy consumption, several improvements in electronic and mechanical level, as well as in the keyboard and screen.

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