Computers and Internet in force in the courts

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The family, labor and civil courts begin this Monday to process cases electronically, according to the announced by the Ministry of Justice.

Among the set of new procedures is the sending, via the Internet, of the documents and documents digitized by the lawyers, the performance of acts in computerized support by the secretariat and the magistrates and the respective immediate availability for consultation by the lawyers also through the Internet.

The drafting and issuing of judgments, orders and other acts by judges and prosecutors will also be carried out electronically. Only essential parts and documents will be supported on paper, says the Ministry of Justice.

The availability of the Electronic Process has been in preparation for over a year, with computer equipment and the necessary training for the correct use of these new tools being made available to the courts.

During the past year, the Ministry of Justice distributed 14,984 computers and 5,050 printers to the courts and magistrates, in a process aimed at the total renovation of the computer park of those services.

The process now ends with the acquisition of a further 2,210 machines, which will be installed in 56 courts and public prosecutor services by the end of the first quarter of this year.

The computers now being installed will go to courts located mainly in the north of the country and will serve to equip the three pilot counties within the scope of the new judicial map, the citizen service counters that are being created and the 300 judicial interns who will strengthen the courts.