Computer system blocks sale of properties in the process of being seized

يمكن الآن توصيل المرحلة الثانية من IRS على الإنترنت

The General Directorate of Contributions and Taxes changed its computer system again. This time, to include a set of features that allow the cross-checking of various data in real time in order to prevent the sale of real estate, by individuals or companies, with debts to the State.

«The computer features now implemented are based on a vast set of electronic crossings of data in real time, at the very moment when the facts are occurring and are part of the Criminal Tax Inquiry System (SINQUER)», details a statement.

In the document, the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration admits that there has been an increase in the number of taxpayers trying to dispose of their pledged assets, with the aim of making it more difficult to collect their debts from the State, which in the vast majority of cases constitute actions planned tax evasion and fraud.

The new computer system was designed to point out the situations detected in two dimensions: to the directors of finance and to the heads of finance. In the first part, for the directors to confirm the existence of conditions for the initiation of a criminal investigation.

In the second part, to allow those who buy or receive the properties to be notified when trying to pay the attachment IMT or, in situations where there is still no attachment, so that the heads of service can activate it.