Computer problems result in two-hour delays on flights departing from Porto

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The planes of TAP and other companies that left Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto yesterday afternoon suffered almost all delays due to a computer problem in the system of the company responsible for handling baggage, Groundforce.

The companies served by the handling saw the check in passengers and luggage must be done by hand, after a power cut has left the company with communication problems in its computer system.

The power cut caused a problem that prevented Groundforce from communicating with the ANA system and that lasted for most of the afternoon, causing delays in the departure time of flights from one and a half to two hours. According to Lusa, who advanced the news, the issue – which also affected other Airport services – had a greater impact by registering on Sunday, the day when TAP and several other companies accumulate a greater number of flights departing from Porto .

Destinations operated from Porto to Sunday include several European capitals, Brazil and the United States. The computer problem in the Groundforce system was solved yesterday afternoon.

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