Computer hacking could leave 1 million unemployed

شكوى ACAPOR ضد المتسللين

An analysis of the European Union’s music, cinema, television and software industries anticipates that within five years 1.2 million people will be unemployed and hundreds of millions of euros will be lost as a result of computer piracy.

The data comes from a study carried out by the French Tera Consultants at the request of the International Chamber of Commerce and presented yesterday.

According to the information provided, Europe’s «creative» industries generated around 860 billion euros in 2008 and provided employment to 14.4 million people. During the same year, a reduction in revenues of around 10 billion euros and 186 thousand jobs were extinguished, due to the impact of the growth of illegal downloading.

Analysts’ estimates point to a black scenario in 2015, with around 240 billion euros of losses for industries and 1.2 million jobs extinguished, but these warn that the forecasts were made based on the pattern of «consumptions» verified to date, which tends to increase.

According to them, the observed trend is towards an increase in the number of downloads and the availability of greater Internet bandwidth and greater service penetration are realities that can be seen already in 2010 and that can only help to aggravate the situation.