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If we take into account that «face-to-face» currently no longer implies physical presence and almost started to include webcam as a vehicle for direct communication between people, things change and what at first sight could be unreasonable becomes acceptable.

Although every day users are alerted to the danger of social networks, the truth is that these channels are an increasingly used tool. Whether to make new friends or to show those who already know us a piece of our days, these online platforms offer a variety of features that allow to brighten the eyes of those who have not seen us for some time.

An example of this is Hi5, probably one of the most used social networks among the Portuguese. The channel brings together young and older users, famous and unknown, and even television programs take place in this space.

Hi5 is one of several platforms on the Internet where users can post their photos or videos they like best. After placing these contents you can always add some widgets to personalize your space and from there you have created your official website on the Internet. Then just send friend invitations to your contacts and start creating a network of friends to whom you can send messages, whether public or private.

Another example of a popular social network is Myspace. This space is well known among the figures in the music scene who, through their profile page, show fans the songs, photos from concerts and even the dates of upcoming shows. But do not think that this is a channel exclusively aimed at artists.

Well known in the United States, where it is the third most popular, MySpace allows users to not only share their photos, but also includes television channels, classified horoscopes and other spaces of interest. This social network also accepts discussions in forums, blogs and adhesions to interest groups, similar to what happens in the aforementioned Hi5.

Finally, and when it comes to international sites, TeK chose Facebook to complete this small group of suggestions. Initially designed for groups of students, Facebook opened the door to all internet users who wanted to post their photos online. It currently has 24 million registered users and stands out, among other factors, for allowing those who join the network to view members who live, study or work around them.

Facebook also has over a thousand applications that can be added to the user’s profile page, including chat rooms, and allows members to create their own applications.

For those who prefer to bet on the national product, here is another suggestion: SAPO Spot. In this channel it is possible to integrate the various services that SAPO offers, that is, blogs, videos, and more. Users can manage and display the content they have on SAPO Videos on their profile, show their profile on the video sharing page and talk in real time with Messenger friends. The only condition on this social network is that the user has an account email at SAPO.

To integrate the two platforms, just use the same email account in the Spot profile and in the videos area and choose the option in the SAPO Videos management area that allows them to combine the two services.

Although these tips are useful for those who want to find another way to get close to friends, or even for those interested in getting to know new people, TeK has a small recommendation to make to you. In all the cases presented here, there are profile protection mechanisms, that is, tools that allow you to restrict the viewing of photos or access to your page.

This is particularly important for those who want to keep their space free of visits by strangers. However, we must take into account the current dangers and that is why we suggest that you pay attention to the photos that you place online, always remembering that, as in another space on the Internet, your image can be copied by those who least interest you.