Computer attacks on tax authorities grow 72.4%

Computer attacks on tax authorities grow 72.4%

Over the past year, the Tax Administration’s computer network was the target of 2,278 computer attacks from abroad. The number represents an increase of 72.4 percent over the previous year and does not include “attempts to research the network and other similar activities, which are in large numbers but with a lower degree of danger.

According to today’s edition of Correio da Manhã, which cites data contained in the annual report of the Directorate-General for Informatics and Support for Tax and Customs Services (DGITA), the high number of attacks has even led DGITA to carry out two risk analyzes only last year, in January and November.

The document also explains that to ensure the security of the data managed by the tax authorities, daily updates are made to the software of security.

Remember that most tax services are available online. Some of them, incidentally, just online, which makes usage rates very high. Among companies and individuals, the Electronic Declarations website currently has close to 7.3 million registered users.

In Portugal, as in the rest of the world, the threats to the security of each country, arrived via the Internet, have become more serious and more sophisticated, leading States to concentrate more and more attention and resources in combating the phenomenon.

Still at the end of last week, Barak Obama, president of the United States, announced the reorganization of the American defense to the phenomenon with the creation of a new department to fight cyber-mounds, which reports directly to the country’s Security Council.