Computer attack on EDP: the situation is not yet fully resolved and the ransom request has not been confirmed

Computer attack on EDP: the situation is not yet fully resolved and the ransom request has not been confirmed

The computer attack was confirmed yesterday and several news reports point to the theft of data from servers, and a request for redemption of about 10 million euros, but the company does not confirm any of these data, just saying that it is collaborating with the competent authorities. A source from EDP told SAPO TEK that this morning the situation is not yet fully restored, but that the company is working on the solution.

"Priority at this time is to restore the company's services, especially those that are more directed towards customer service", says the same source, indicating that this is one of the services that is still having some problems.

Just yesterday, EDP stated in a statement that the corporate network had been affected, and that this is "conditioning the normal functioning of part of its services and operations.

However, there is no impact on the continuity of energy supply. The critical services of supervision and control of the electric distribution network are operating normally, although with adaptations resulting from some limitations, the same document states, which also explains that measures to prevent and protect the systems that support the operations were applied.

From the outset, EDP contacted the authorities and is working with the company, being working with the National Cybersecurity Center and Altice Portugal, analyzing "the origin and anatomy of this incident, so that the services and operations in question are quickly restored.

The Jornal de Notcias said that hackers responsible for the attack had left a ransom request on the Dark Web, demanding payment of 1580 bitcoins, which corresponds to around 9.8 million euros. The message threatens to disclose customer and partner data.

The CyberTeam group published a message on Twitter claiming responsibility for the attack, stating that Altice is the next target and concluding with the phrase "stay tuned, April 25 is coming".

EDP ​​is a major target of malware attacks and phishing scams, but the company has been doing internal worker training for cybersecurity and has a cybersecurity training and testing center for critical infrastructure operators that TeK already has went to know.

Editor's Note: The news has been updated with more information. latest update 12h49