Computer attack leads to data loss of 6 million Chileans

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A computer attack on several Chilean public services has caused the loss of the personal data of 6 million citizens in the same country. Francisco Vidal, a spokesman for the Chilean government, says that «this is a sensitive issue» and that it jeopardizes the identity of many people, one of whom is the daughter of Michelle Bachelet, president of Chile.

Stolen information includes credit card numbers, identity card numbers, taxpayer addresses, phone numbers, emails, academic records, among others.

Records began to be stolen last Friday from the Chilean Ministry of Education, electoral and military services.

After the theft, data began to circulate on the network and were discovered, initially, in a blog dedicated to technologies, FayerWayer. After it was discovered, doubts remained as to whether that information had been stolen from any banking or financial service since the case was not yet known.

However, soon after the data was discovered, the same information was published on the page, here already with links to consult pages where it was possible to see data such as the list of students entitled to public passes, a database where, in addition to photographs of students, it is possible to see their addresses and the schools they attend.

The alerts were given to the authorities and, according to CNN, investigative operations are already underway to ascertain the identity of the hacker who called himself «Anonymous Coward».

Although all lists have already been removed from the pages where they were published illegally, the government now warns of the possibility that it will continue to circulate online given the fact that it could have been copied numerous times by internet users.

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