Compose your music running with the ASICS Run Mixer app

Screenshot do app ASICS Run Mixer

Anyone who has been following this who has been writing to you for a while knows that guidelines related to technology and sport often “fall with me” – a former sedentary who managed to find in sports and technology a way to return to take care of health and lose about 30 kg.

I always look for ways to associate technology and sport, and today I bring here the ASICS Run Mixer, an application for you to create music to run. The differential? You do it … well, running!

ASICS Run Mixer app icon

ASICS Run Mixer uses information such as pace, cadence and intensity while you are running to compose a song at your training pace. The project was created in partnership with DJ and music producer Elkka [confesso que não a conhecia].

I don’t know if you know, but music has a proven effect on the race – in some competitions, it is even considered dopping technological, because the beats of the music can help you to keep a rhythm, give more excitement, etc.

There are people who say they can’t even run without music (I was once one of them); however, when you get used to running without music you realize that this is also cool because it is possible to “listen” more to your body. However, whenever I have long training sessions and I am not in the mood, I resort to a good old little song.

Returning to the app; when composing your music, you can share it with friends and challenge them to run at your pace, creating your own music.

I’ve seen other apps where you set the pace you want to run and it then sets a set corresponding musical for you; but one that creates something on the spot, based on your information … I found the proposal very interesting. As soon as street races are released again, I will set up my set musical and I will share with you. ?

As our theme here on the site is talking about technology, I left it last – but it is still important: the app arrived to celebrate the launch of a new ASICS shoe that promises to make the race more democratic for amateur runners, NOVABLAST . ?