Oops? References to new Macs would have leaked in AdSense ads [atualizado]

Complex chip decision is the main reason for the delay of the new generation of iMacs

The launch of the new generation of iMacs has not yet been made because Apple is still deciding whether to equip the machines with processors quad-core Intel or choose chips dual-core of greater power and with larger caches reports an analyst to the AppleInsider.

According to Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros., the new desktop is almost ready. While Apple settles technical pending issues and resolves some corporate setbacks, Wu expects the machine to gain few external visual changes on this occasion.

iMacs aside

Another aspect to consider the possibility of a supposed new iMac quad-core cannibalize sales of Macs Pro, since the performance gains would be considerable. At the very least, Apple's professional tower would have to gain a satisfactory update as well, so that both remain quite distinct. Currently, the most basic Mac Pro offers two processors quad-core 2.8GHz Intel Xeon “Harpertown” ie, it has eight cores in all.

Finally, another component may be contributing to the backwardness of iMacs. Your name? Mac OS X Snow Leopard. It is quite possible that Apple will take advantage of the launch to guarantee full integration of the new technologies of the system (such as OpenCL) that will exploit to the maximum machines with multiple processors and cores. Wu expects the new iMacs for March; at the latest for June.