Complaints of the Complaints Book accompanied by telematic network

Complaints in Electronic Communications increased by 34%

A new decree-law was approved by the Council of Ministers with a view to creating a computer network to monitor the entries in the Complaints Books. In this way, the sending of complaints to the General Directorate of Consumers (DGC) is no longer made on paper and is now made through the computer platform.

The system will be managed by the DGC and will allow consumers and economic agents to check the status of complaints, observing the evolution of them «when analyzing them by regulatory authorities and market control authorities», says a government statement.

This measure aims to reinforce the transparency of the relations between the Central Administration, the regulatory and market control entities and the complaining consumers and the complained professionals, since it allows access to complaints that concern them.

According to the same document «the creation of this network will also allow a better statistical treatment of the information collected since it makes it easier to identify the sectors of the market where the regulatory and inspection entities need to act».