Complaints force Google to review privacy on Buzz

Complaints force Google to review privacy on Buzz

Google announced the first changes to Buzz – which brings social networking features to Gmail.

The changes will start to be introduced even today, advances the company.

Two days after the launch of the new service, the company had received more than nine thousand messages from users with suggestions and complaints regarding some characteristics of Buzz, mainly regarding the control of privacy levels.

Users complained that they were given little control over personal data and photographs made public and even over which contacts they were following or by whom they were being followed – information that was automatically shared without the users’ prior consent.

This was because they were available «by default» and the possibility of alteration was not presented in an easily perceptible way.

Thus, Buzz will ask each user, when making the «introduction» of the service, how it intends to be identified before other members of the social network and what type of information it wants to share, namely the list of people in a row or those following the user.

The options are also accessible from the menu for profile customization, explains Google in a message on the service’s blog.

Members of the social network will also be able to block any user who is following them in a simpler way, using a button placed next to the contact list that allows them to block someone even before the person in question has created their profile on social network.