Complaints area among the most consulted on Anacom’s website

Oni in the BWA race

The electronic communications regulator has revealed the list of the 100 most consulted topics on its website and its services, over the past year. The complaints area appears as one of the most visited in Anacom’s electronic address. The Complaints Book available online received 20,166 visits over the last year, occupying the third position in the most visited ranking. The complaints clarification area received 19,561 visits, making it the fourth most visited by those who visited the site.

The topic of Digital Terrestrial Television proves to be less accessed by users, but nonetheless a target of great curiosity, especially considering that it is one of the most recent areas of the site and concerns a service only launched in April this year.

The most visited topic in this area is what allows you to know if «I already have a DTT signal at my home», accessed over 11 thousand times. Most of the remaining topics that make up the section also achieved identical visit levels.

Another information shown by the data is the interest in the area where it is possible to simulate the monthly consumption of mobile communications. This area has been visited in the last year by 15,177 times.

Leading the table in the most visited areas is the frequently asked questions section, visited 38,146 times. The interactive services area was the second most consulted by those who visited the site. One of the services integrated in this area is the Tariff Observatory, which helps the user to choose the best mobile tariff, according to his profile.