Complaints about electronic and postal communications services increase 361%

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During 2006, complaints submitted to Anacom about electronic and postal communications services increased by 361 percent, increasing 17,296 complaints. The area of ​​electronic communications has the highest number of complaints, with more than 12.8 thousand, of which Internet access and cable television generate the most protests by number of customers.

The figures now released by the sector’s regulatory authority also indicate that in 2006 there was a «sharp increase in the volume of complaints related to the postal services sector», which Anacom attributes to the entry into force of the legal regime for the use of the complaints book.

The vast majority of complaints are delivered in the form of a complaint sheet, although almost 3,800 were delivered electronically and 1,746 were physically supported. If the rate of complaint sheets is maintained, Anacom estimates that in 2207 the volume may reach 15 thousand sheets per year.

According to Anacom data, within the electronic communications sector the second largest volume of complaints is generated by mobile services, with a total of 3,562 complaints, but given the high number of customers of these services, the rate of complaints found is only 0 , 3 per thousand subscribers. The same applies to the fixed network, where for 3,087 complaints the rate found is 0.97 complaints per thousand customers.

In the case of Internet and cable television services, the calculated rate is penalized by the lower number of subscribers. In Internet access, 3,957 complaints were received, corresponding to a total of 2.53 complaints per thousand customers, while in cable television 2,664 complaints correspond to 1.47 complaints per thousand customers.

As for the issues that justify complaints, Anacom refers to issues related to billing, answering service, assistance service, contractual conditions and breakdowns.

The regulator recalls that in consumer issues, which refer to 42% of cases, it is rarely up to Anacom to interfere or provide relevant information to the interested party. In other cases, the entity will be able to inform the interested party of its rights and eventually carry out concrete inspection actions.

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