Complaint against myZONcard filed by AdC

Complaint against myZONcard filed by AdC

The complaint brought to the Competition Authority against Zon and the campaign to offer cinema tickets, which the company ensures through myZONcard, was closed without consequences.

In the report and accounts for the first nine months of the year, the company emphasizes that the «administrative offense concerning the promotional campaign to offer tickets to Lusomundo cinemas to Zon TV Cabo customers», through myZONcard, was «the subject of a decision end of filing. » This information was reported to the company by the Competition Authority on the 12th of November, reports Jornal de Negócios.

The offer of free Lusomundo cinema tickets was questioned by Medeia Filmes, which last year filed a complaint with the regulator. The distributor considered the offer of Zon to be harmful to the competition, which was associated with the cinemas managed by the group.

In a first reaction, the Competition Authority suspended Zon’s offer for a period of 90 days. The measure had a reaction to a reformulation of Zon’s proposal, which went from offering cinema tickets to 50 percent discounts on the purchase of such tickets at any cinema in the Lusomundo chain, an offer that would be valid for the purchase of two tickets.

Following the suspension, which came to an end without a decision or revalidation, Zon also appealed to the courts that, at the time the report published online, had not yet presented a decision for the case.

MyZONcard is a kind of loyalty card, launched by the company in December 2008. The launch offer provided free access for Zon customers to 52 free cinema sessions per year.

The card continues to exist and today has a more comprehensive range of discounts and offers. It provides discounts on the purchase of tickets for football, restaurants, children’s activities and cinema. In this case the proposal, valid until December, is the offer of two free cinema tickets or one (when buying two) for those who prefer to add popcorn and a drink to the ticket.