Congratulations, Macintosh, on your 28 years!

Compilation of special links on the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Macintosh

We didn’t expect it, but there’s always that hope that Apple would launch something or at least make a special mention of the Macintosh’s 25th anniversary on its website but nothing happened.

Original Macintosh

For this reason, we decided to compile some special links that we found with great material and different points of view on the company's history. Good diversion for this Sunday that is starting, I'm sure:

  • O posted a lean timeline on Apple highlights with and without Steve Jobs in charge. Some items have small pieces of audio attached (in English, of course), be sure to give play in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • THE TEAM he also created a special of 10 short pages with the main moments in the history of Ma. The coolest thing, however, is an album with pictures of Steve Jobs in his work, some I didn't know, it is very worth checking out.
  • In its last issue, the Brazilian magazine Mac + he also created a special article on the date, written by my friend Mario Amaya.
  • The 10 Macs that stood out the most in the last 25 years were the subject of a very cool post from Computerworld.
  • One of the most complete covers of the anniversary, the Macworld offers a page with at least a dozen super complete articles, covering the most diverse aspects of the history of Apple and the Mac itself.
  • J a CNET News offers a page with a compilation of related date links, with a bunch of interesting articles on the subject.

Once again: congratulations, Macintosh!