Competitors do not want Microsoft antivirus on Windows Update

Competitors do not want Microsoft antivirus on Windows Update

Microsoft is being accused of distorting competition by suggesting that Windows users install the company’s antivirus, using the automatic update service for the operating system.

The complaints came from two security software manufacturers, who criticize the company’s use of Windows Update to encourage the use of Security Essentials – a set of free security solutions provided by Microsoft.

According to the information advanced by some international media, the suggestion is being made only to Windows users who do not have any security applications installed on their computer – or at least the Microsoft Action Center has detected it.

Security Essentials started being integrated into the Windows update service in mid-October.

Panda has announced that it will take action on the Redmond giant’s initiative, mainly in Europe, saying it will «monitor the situation», but without clarifying whether it is considering recourse to the courts. Trend Micro says that Microsoft is distorting the security market.

«Despite the abundance of anti-malware software, it seems to us that there are still many consumers and small businesses that do not use any protection,» claimed Microsoft. In a statement cited by C | Net, the company also stresses the need to facilitate access to this type of solutions for those who, for some reason, have not yet installed any security program. That way, they can «download the software at the same time as making other updates without having to search for solutions on the Web or go to a store», defends the manufacturer.

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