Competitions for the creation of the Technological and Innovation Park of Coimbra advance

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

The Coimbra City Council yesterday approved the launch of international public tenders for the construction of infrastructures and accesses in the future Innovation Park in Coimbra, reports Diário de Notícias.

The i-Parque should start operating next year and welcome companies that operate in the areas of life sciences, health, biotechnology, telecommunications and multimedia, areas of vocation of the technological and scientific pole that will have in the approximation between university and companies one of the main missions.

With an estimated investment of 33 million euros, the technology park will bring together public and private entities, community financing (through the ERDF and the Center’s Operational Program and private financing) in the same shareholder center.

With the entry into operation of the space next year, the establishment of companies will be supported by PME Capital and promoted by the Portuguese Investment Agency, which is expected to attract international investment to the place.

The selection of companies that will occupy the park will have to go through the analysis of a Scientific and Technological Council, to be created, which in addition to analyzing applications for settlement at i-Parque will have the mission of monitoring its operation. The park will also have structures to monitor companies located there from the legal, economic and financial points of view, the newspaper reports.

Four companies that are operating in the region are already candidates for entry to i-Parque de Coimbra: Critical Software, Technological Center for Ceramics and Glass, Editions Almedina and Portuguese Federation of Forest Producers.

Among the shareholders of i-Parque, already approved by the Ministry of Economy, are a project finance from Banco Espírito Santo, the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, Common Hospital Use Services, Parque Expo, Coimbravita, AIP, Clube dos Empresários and Technopole Association of Coimbra.

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