Competitions for RNG and universal service about to have news

تعارض فودافون القرارات المتعلقة بخدمة الاتصالات العالمية

Mário Lino, minister of public works, transport and communications of the previous government, re-elected in Domigo, said today on the sidelines of the ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of regulation in Portugal, that the first competition launched to support projects that lead new generation networks to the central region of the country. The first of several competitions launched aimed at the central zone and it will also be the first to have known results, said Mário Lino without specifying dates.

The official, who participated in the opening session of the meeting organized by Anacom with a speech addressing the main milestones in the telecommunications sector over the past few years, also said on the sidelines of the event that it is possible that the tender to choose a new universal communications service is launched later this year.

The procedure has been postponed because not all the necessary conditions for its progress have been met, as Secretary of State Paulo Campos had mentioned at the end of the summer.

José Amado da Silva, president of Anacom, explained to TeK, following the minister’s statements, that the progress of the process depends on «several vectors» that he does not control, which is why he cannot commit to a specific date.

The universal service is currently provided by Portugal Telecom which, after the privatization of the basic telecommunications network, maintained the task, referring for now only to fixed voice communications, although the inclusion of broadband in the universal service is a matter of debate.

As a universal service provider, PT has to take the landline to any point in the country, a task that the company has already classified as a source of losses. The annual value of this installment is moreover one of the unresolved issues.