Competition complains about Meo campaigns and strikes back

تراجعت إيرادات وأرباح PT في الربع الثاني

Cats began to proliferate in the commercial campaigns of companies offering pay TV services, as a way of responding to the communication options of Portugal Telecom’s Meo. And complaints too.

Cabovisão has a campaign on the air where it clearly questions Meo’s price proposal, which offers TV, Internet and telephone services from 19.99 euros. Without mentioning the name of the competitor, the campaign addresses the price and adds the phrase: here is a cat.

Zon responded first with a commercial offer to the humorous provocation of commercials in a laboratory setting, starring a futuristic version of Gato Fedorento, but more recently it also launched a new TV campaign. Nicolau Breyner is the protagonist and clearly argues against Portugal Telecom’s offers in the area of ​​pay TV, Internet and telephony. Without mentioning names, the company assumes itself as a leader and underlines its best performance in terms of customer service and number of complaints, ending with a subtle touch. Nicolau Breyner talks to the cat who remains on his lap throughout the testimony.

In addition to the response, via advertisements, the two companies took further action against Meo’s most recent campaigns, which announce a Triple Play offer starting at € 19.99. The price is valid only until the end of the year – from that time the monthly fee increases to 40.99 euros – and implies a minimum additional monthly value of 5.04 euros for the set-top box and a 24-month network stay.

The information is detailed by the operator on the website, but, as Cabovisão argues in a news story published today in the Jornal de Negócios, the data is unclear. «Cabovisão is mainly concerned with the price component – which is deeply misleading in campaigns of 19.99 euros, since the real price is more than 40 euros», explains Daniela Antão, the operator’s legal and regulatory director. , «the consequences are very negative and potentiate spirals and wars of identical campaigns».

Zon is one of the companies betting on the same strategy although, as TeK found out, it also filed a complaint with ICAP against PT’s commercial communication. The operator’s proposed entry range for 72 TV channels and Internet at 10 megs costs 19.99 euros a month. As with Meo, the price is only valid until the end of the year. After that it rises to 40.99 euros.

In the complaints presented, the competition has yet to point out the comparative elements used by Gato Fedorento, protagonists of all brand communication. The recording capacity of MEO boxes or the speed of response in zapping between channels are two of the features presented in these terms.

PT defends itself and still in mid-September referred to DN, which published information about the complaint submitted by Cabovisão to the competent bodies, that «comparative advertising is allowed in Portugal as long as the statements contained in the campaign are true and verifiable and framed by an explicitly fictional or humorous tone. The qualities of our products are noticeable to our customers «.

Contacted by TeK, ICAP – Civil Institute of Advertising Self-Discipline does not provide information on complaints received. Data on these types of processes are only available after a decision has been made by the body and the appeal period following it has ended.

TeK knows, however, that the processes that arrived at the ICAP follow different rhythms, since they entered the institute at different times and that, at least in one case, the appeal phase is already underway. This appeal phase takes place within five working days after the decision is communicated to interested parties.

Cristina A. Ferreira