Competition approves purchase of RETI by PT

تتوقع الحكومة 300 مليون من صندوق التقاعد PT

Portugal Telecom was given the green light by the Competition Authority to conclude the acquisition of RETI.

The purchase was approved by the regulator without imposing any conditions, Jornal de Negócios reports, although PT has the only two transmission networks for the analogue television signal, since it owns TDP (Teledifusão de Portugal).

In addition to the analogue transmission networks, it should be noted that PT also holds the license to operate the digital television transmission network.

It is recalled that the granting of the license for Digital Terrestrial Television in Portugal went through several complicated phases, with Portugal Telecom being the winning company.

Following the rules defined by the European Commission, Portugal is obliged to disconnect the current analogue broadcasts until 2012, but Zeinal Bava guaranteed in the launch of the service, on April 29, that the plan defined by PT allowed the Government to anticipate that date by one year.

September data showed that Digital Terrestrial Television would already be available to 60 percent of the national population. PT’s objectives until the end of the year included making the signal available to 80 percent of the population.