Competence center validates SAP Portugal’s bet on AP

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

SAP created in Portugal an International Development and Innovation Center oriented to Public Administration, the company announced in the SAP Business Forum dedicated to AP. The investment involved is three million euros, over 3 years, and 10 jobs have been created that enable the development and transfer of knowledge in the country.

«This is a strategic investment in Portugal. We are bringing to Portugal a little of our core business«, says Joaquim Jesus Santos, general manager of SAP Portugal.» We have a great position in the AP and we think that we must increase the commitment through investment «, aligns the general manager.

«We managed to convince the parent company to make this investment in Portugal, which is relevant,» he continues. In 2004, the AP area represented 30 percent of SAP Portugal’s turnover, a weight that Joaquim Jesus Santos admits to having also helped to convince SAP AG to make this investment.

The weight of the public sector in Portugal is greater than that of other European countries, but the company does not want to be too dependent on a single business area. «For 2005 the expectation is that the weight of the PA will be 25 percent», says Joaquim Jesus Santos, stating that 2004 was an exceptional year and that this percentage does not represent a decrease.

Questioned by TeK, Joaquim Jesus Santos admitted that with the government change, the start-up and decision of new projects is a little stalled which will affect the results of the first half. However, projects already underway, such as RIGORE (see related news), are still under development.

The project defined for the Competence Center has an expected duration of three years but Joaquim Jesus dos Santos reaffirms that the idea is to make it as long as possible, although the enlargement depends on SAP international and the professionalism shown in the center.

«So far it has been going very well. The references we have from international centers that are connected to this nucleus are excellent», guarantees the official.

It is recalled that in 2004 SAP assumed globally that it would print speed for two industries with emphasis on banking and the public sector, maintaining a business hierarchy in this area.

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