Compete for the Steam keys of the game “Dininho Adventures”


Dininho Adventures is the brainchild of developer Erick, a 26-year-old Brazilian game dev and pixel artist. Alone, he did all the artistic and programming part of the game, all of this live on his Twitch lives.

The game was created with GameMaker Studio, an engine focused on 2D games in which it is possible to create games for the most diverse operating systems: from desktop to Android, consoles and HTML5 to the web.

All the art of the game was made through Aseprite, a tool focused on pixel art and animated sprites. Aseprite is multiplatform software, and is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Dininho Adventures: The game

Dininho Adventures tells the story of a dinosaur named Dininho, who wants to help a dinosaur mom who had her eggs stolen. During your adventure through colorful and challenging worlds, you must rescue the helpless babies.

The game has 4 different worlds, and each has a different characteristic, making the game even more diverse. For the more adventurous, there is still a secret unlockable world.

Dininho Adventures gameplay

For those who enjoy a challenge more, there is a timer within the game itself, perfect for speedrunners. The game also has a ranking of the best times in each stage among your Steam friends.

The game is extremely light and requires no more than 2gb of RAM and 400 mb of storage.

For those who prefer to play on the smartphone, Dininho Adventures is also available on the Play Store. It even has support for bluetooth controls and achievements.

Key Draw

There on our Twitch channel we will hold a draw of 3 keys from the game Dininho Adventures for Steam.

To participate, just watch the lives you will earn Diocoins, and with them you can purchase tickets to enter the draw. There is a limit of 25 tickets per person, and the winners will be drawn on July 30, during the live.

Good luck and see you next time!