Compete for a copy of the Infinity Blade game, with the new multiplayer function

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Game fans Infinity Blade, great news: he just got another big update, now allowing him to play online against real opponents, a function he has been waiting for since last year. And to celebrate, the Chair and the iPhone Blog will draw 3 promotional codes among our readers. ?

The game is a real success, reaching 5 stars in the evaluation of users in several countries. Today, he won a new update with several new features, all free for those who already own the game.

The most anticipated of them, without a doubt, was the multiplayer function, which allows you to duel against friends of the Game Center. In the new Arena, you and your opponent choose which character each one will fight (Titan or Knight), in a direct fight to see who is the most skilled.

In addition, the game also gains a new modality: Survivor (survivor) where, unlike infinity looping for generations of the normal game, you try to get as far as possible before you are killed by one of several titans, who fight you one after the other.

As always, the update also brings new weapons, helmets and rings, so that your character evolves more and more. It is in universal version, which means that it is compatible with both iPad and iPhone / iPod touch.

For a short period of time, the Infinity Blade has a 50% price promotion, costing $ 2.99. It can be downloaded from the App Store (link) with a foreign account. It is not found in the Brazilian store, as it does not contain the Games category.

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