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Carnival is ending, but promotions are not! ?

This is for those who like mathematical challenges. MD Creativity has just launched its newest creation, the game Sum.

The application is a great mathematical «puzzle», where you must fit the numbers and always obtain the sum previously indicated.

There are two types of “boards”: the triangle and the square. You must drag the numbers to the corresponding boxes, and when you can match the sum on all sides and diagonals, you automatically move on to the next phase. There are 200 in total, divided by type.

For those who like this type of hobby, you will have a lot of fun. ?

THE Sum is available on the App Store (link) for $ 0.99. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, OS 3.0.

At the end of this Ash Wednesday, we will draw 5 promotional codes from the app among those who leave a comment (and only ONE) in this article. Good luck! ?