compete for 5 copies of the game Finger Soccer (result)

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Another game from Brazil and another prize Blog do iPhone! This time, in the dispute, a game for iPhone and iPod touch that has everything to do with the World Cup: Finger Soccer, one of the most downloaded apps from the Brazilian App Store this week. ?

Like the button game, the finger football (which has several other names, such as pinogol or dedobol) is also popular in our country. On a board filled with pins, the goal of the players is to launch the ball with their fingertips to the opponent’s goal. And what better to turn this fun into digital format than the most popular multi-touch screen in the smartphone world? ?

The game is simple: you have a limited number of times that you can «hit» the ball with your finger to try to score. It works in turns between the two opponents, which can be two humans or against the iPhone / iPod.

Among the team options, the 32 countries currently playing in the World Cup.

Fun game and very well done, has version in Portuguese and English. A great debut by the Brazilian Let’s Go Tap. THE Finger Soccer can be purchased on the App Store (link) for the price of $ 1.99. Compatible with iOS 3.1.3 on iPhones and iPods touch.

Shall we make a pot?

Give your hunch in the comments of this article for this afternoon’s game between Brazil and Ivory Coast. The first 5 who hit the game score exactly, take the app for free. Attention, it is not worth trying to post more than one guess (you can comment, but without posting more than one result). Also try to identify yourself with a surname, to make life easier for us at the time of selection and disclosure. ?

Good guess and strength Brazil!


Final result in Soccer City, 3 Ă— 1 for Brazil. And it seems that it was the most obvious score, because the first ones this time got it right. Check out the winners of the great Finger Soccer:

Alpheu Aily Junior

George Oliveira

Érik Manzato

Augusto Cesar


Congratulations to the winners. You will soon receive an email with instructions! ?