Compete for 10 promotional codes from the 9Digito app! (result)

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9th digit

If you live in one of the cities that received the 9th digit on cell phones this weekend (or have contacts with area code between 12 and 19), you can apply for one of the 10 copies of the application 9Digit, offered by Abacomm. It is paid, but it has some advantages that free options do not.

One is the variety of formats you can choose from to change your schedule. For example, I like to put all my numbers in the format +55 (DDD) XXXX-XXXX, without an operator because mine happily puts it automatically. This format makes FaceTime calls much easier, besides making life easier when I travel. The application gives this option, in addition to other formats according to your preference.

Standardizing numbers

To run for a copy, it’s very easy: just post a comment with interesting content down here. But what is this?

We want to encourage relevant comments that have quality content in our comments. Therefore, we will draw 10 participants and will only be considered comments that have some interesting content. Short sentences, «first“,“Competing“,“It’s no”Or anything that is very vague and does not add anything to anyone, will be disregarded and will be left out of the draw. And since we are the ones who decide what is interesting and what is not, you will have to use your creativity.

The goal, of course, is to prioritize those who are really interested in the app and will actually use it. ?

The draw will take place today until the end of the afternoon. Good luck!


And finally we have the result of our draw. We use an internal Blog tool to randomly extract a certain number of readers who commented on the article. Here are the chosen ones:

Draw 9Digito

All of them are receiving an email with instructions on how to redeem their code. And if you didn’t, don’t be sad: the app is good and not expensive for what it offers. It is worth investing if you have a very large schedule to organize. ?

$ 0.99