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Comparison of the game Infinity Blade II running on an iPhone 4 and a 4S

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The game Infinity Blade II is having a huge success, but at the same time presenting several bugs. The most serious of them has happened to me and some readers: the game loses all the progress made from one day to the next, which discourages anyone from playing. Other users of iPad 1 and iPod touch are also having trouble running the app and Epic Games has already promised a new update for that.

Apart from these problems, the game really received many improvements over the first episode, leaving those who were already a fan very happy.

As at first it looked like it would only run on iPhone 4S (probably more due to Apple’s influence on the presentation of the new iPhone), we made a comparison between one generation and another, running the game at the same time, to see if there really are differences.

On the iPhone 4 it runs very well and does not affect the gameplay. However, it takes much longer to start the game and the animations. Much more.

Check out the video we made and draw your own conclusions.