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Spotify Gratis: aplikasi menawarkan tiga bulan gratis kepada pelanggan baru

Amazon Music and Spotify are music streaming services available with different plans and prices in Brazil. While Spotify offers a free version with ad playback, the Amazon platform only has free plans outside of Brazil.

Both have catalogs with millions of national and international songs that can be heard on cell phones, on the web and on other platforms, using personalized playlists or stations organized by genre. Check out a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Music and Spotify below.

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Four Spotify functions you need to know

Four Spotify functions you need to know

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The Amazon Prime Music subscription is part of the Amazon Prime package, which also releases Amazon Prime Video, purchases with free shipping in Brazil, among other benefits, at the price of R $ 9.90 per month. In this modality, the user has access to a catalog with 2 million national and international songs, a number that is limited if we consider that some titles are added or removed sporadically from the app. In spite of this, the playing of the tracks is unlimited, but you can only listen to the songs on one device at a time.

The Amazon Music Unlimited version is more expensive, costing R $ 16.90 per month separately. In this plan, the user has access to 60 million songs. You can still opt for Unlimited Family, which gives you access to six simultaneous devices, each with its individual library, for R $ 25.90 per month, or the Prime Echo plan, a subscription dedicated to Amazon Echo owners, which plays music with Alexa’s help, which costs R $ 6.90 per month.

1 of 3 Spotify and Amazon Prime Music have similar layouts – Photo: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandes

Spotify and Amazon Prime Music have similar layouts – Photo: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandes

Spotify has more subscription options. It is possible to purchase an individual Premium account, at the price of R $ 16.90 per month; a university account, which guarantees a 50% discount for students, in the amount of R $ 8.50 per month; a double bill, ideal for couples, which costs R $ 21.90; and the Family plan, which releases six Premium accounts for people who live at the same address, also with individual libraries, costing R $ 26.90 per month. All options release the complete catalog of streaming.

Spotify also has a free plan, which releases millions of songs on playlists which can only be reproduced in an order chosen by the application itself, with some exceptions where reproduction is free. The listener will also come across ads between one track and another. Amazon recently launched a free Prime Music plan, but it is not yet available in Brazil.

If the user wants to try the paid plans before subscribing, it is possible to try Amazon Prime free of charge for 30 days and Spotify for three months.

Platform availability

Both services can be used on mobile phones and tablets, using apps suitable for iPhone (iOS) and Android, and on the computer, through a program that can be downloaded on Windows and macOS, or via the Web versions, accessible directly in the browser .

While Spotify can also be accessed on Samsung smart TVs, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Playstation and Xbox One, Amazon Prime only integrates with Alexa on Amazon Echo devices and Amazon Fire TV.

2 of 3 Spotify has application for Samsung smart TVs – Photo: Playback / The Verge

Spotify has application for Samsung smart TVs – Photo: Playback / The Verge

Number of tracks available in the catalog

Spotify reports having 50 million tracks in its base, between songs and podcasts. All content can be accessed unlimitedly in paid plans. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, says it offers up to 60 million titles, offered in part or in total, depending on the plan chosen.

The content is very similar, with the main national and international artists present, including their respective discographies, releases and partnerships. That is, the user will have no difficulty finding music from their favorite artists on any of the platforms.

App interface and features

Both platforms allow you to create your own playlists with favorite songs and download the files to listen offline. The services have similar interfaces, offering music separated by genre, allowing access to artist pages, albums and complete discographies. The two streams also create personalized playlists according to the user’s preferences and offer lists with national and international charts.

3 of 3 Amazon Prime Music shows catalog by genre – Photo: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandes

Amazon Prime Music shows catalog by genre – Photo: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandes

The musical stations, which gather random music of a certain style, are present on both platforms. A differential of Amazon Prime is the display of the lyrics of the songs for the user to sing along. At Spotify, this service was discontinued in 2016 and has not returned. On the other hand, Spotify has a varied library of podcasts and even play videos on your platform.

The type of digital audio compression used in Spotify’s music is AAC. The transmission quality can be manually determined by the user between low, normal, high or automatic, depending on the connection used, between 24 and 320 kbps. Spotify also has a manual equalizer for the user to determine their sound preferences or choose from pre-defined options.

Amazon Prime also allows you to determine the audio quality according to the connection. In the United States, there is the option Amazon Prime Music HD, with songs in FLAC format, of superior quality, but the version is not yet available in Brazil.

The services are quite similar in terms of audio quality, application functionality and music catalogs. The similar interface allows users to have positively similar experiences on both platforms.

Both have different options for plans and subscriptions that can suit the realities of different types of pocket. Spotify takes the lead in the free plan item, available in Brazil. However, among the paid options, Amazon Prime has a complete plan for a lower amount.