Comparatives give iPhone 8 Plus camera a slight advantage over Galaxy Note8 camera when it comes to video

O iPhone 8 Plus it has caused revolutions at exactly zero points in the world of mobile telephony and this is not even an obligation of it after all: being a mere timely update of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple is happy to deliver a familiar handset without big news, and leaves to cause frisson in the world with the upcoming iPhone X.

At one point, however, Ma's biggest new handsets have been receiving more positive than usual reception: their cameras, though on paper much like those of their predecessor, have been highly praised in all expert tests and have received even more. It's even the biggest note in DxOMark history when it comes to smartphones.

But when it comes to video, how is the situation? Well, theoretically a camera with a good camera has every chance in the world to make good footage, but that's not always a rule; To confirm the iPhone 8 Plus's recording ability, a number of specialized vehicles have made comparisons with one of its most formidable competitors, the Galaxy Note8.

The verdict? The two have a fierce dispute over there, but Ma's device gets a slight advantage after all.

Comparative footage between iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note8iPhone 8 Plus Right

The test of CNET It's broader and more representative: They put the two smartphones in a variety of situations and scenarios of the most different types, testing the rear and front cameras, and conclude that the images produced by the iPhone 8 Plus are more attractive, with more vibrant colors and more preserved details. ; Note8 showed more realistic, easier-to-adjust post-production results (if someone other than Zack Snyder does this with unpretentious mobile-recorded video) and also had advantages in video streaming because of the optical stabilizer in both its cameras (something we'll have on iPhone X).

Comparative footage between iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note8Front Camera – iPhone 8 Plus Right

A curious point here to note is that this year, the roles have kind of reversed themselves: if traditionally Samsung (and Koreans in general) who were reputed to over saturate their photos to present an artificially more “impressive” result right away, while Apple has always preferred more neutral results, it now seems that Sammy backtracked a bit in this trend while Ma preferred to make her images more "processed" right away.

Comparative footage between iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note8Night Shot – iPhone 8 Plus Right

The front camera of the iPhone 8 Plus also had similar results when recording video, surpassing that of Note8 in detail and contrast. One point at which Samsung's device outperformed Apple's, however, was that audio footage recorded at a musical performance sounded much better when captured by Note8, which offered a really narrow sound experience; The iPhone showed only satisfactory results. On the other hand, Ma's smartphone can record at 60 frames per second when shooting in 4K (South Korean maximum 30fps) and Full HD 1080p resolution in slow-motion video at 240fps (Note8 is no more than 720p ).

Other tests yielded similar results. O YouTuber Casey neistatFor example, the conclusion was that the iPhone 8 Plus featured a more attractive video with sharper color and more balanced contrast; Note8 was much It is better at capturing audio, but the naturalness of the colors of the video has at times come to an appearance of desaturation. Neistat himself recalls, on the video, that he is sponsored by Samsung so any iPhone victory here is even more impressive.

THE PC Magazine, in turn, praised the stabilization of the iPhone and said its camera is more versatile because of its wider range of options. framerates.

A jarring voice in the cake YouTube channel analysis SuperSaf TV: In your video, the results are basically mixed, with iPhone 8 Plus featuring more “natural” and desaturated colors while Note8 has brighter, warmer and more attractive results. Would it be a divergence due to sensors of different brands in any of the devices? Does it influence one's own scenario? Any confusion (or even m-f, although I find it difficult for a vehicle with so many followers and recognition) because of the channel? Draw your own conclusions:

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In the end, it is best to note that we have already reached a point where either of the two choices will bring total satisfaction to its owner: the cameras and video capabilities of modern smartphones are already so advanced that, with one or two point differences, There is no way to go wrong, and in many ways, victory is a simple matter of preference. The iPhone 8 Plus, in testing, has been considered the winner by one detail or another, but surely everyone will be happy with their devices, whatever they may be.

What I want to see, now, how to get this dispute with the arrival of Google Pixel 2.