Company that will bring Internet to all classrooms in the country chosen by May

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In May, the component of the Technological Plan for Education foresees the creation of conditions to bring Internet to all classrooms of 12 thousand schools in the country and adjacent school spaces. The public tender in progress to choose the service provider responsible for the installation and maintenance of the necessary network (wired or wireless) will enter the final stretch and the award of the work will take place in May.

The information was advanced today by João Mata, coordinator of the Technological Plan for Education, during the Microsoft Innovative Teachers conference. According to the same official, the service provider will be chosen from six candidate companies.

The public tender in question was launched in November last year and aims to find the company that will be responsible for supplying the goods and services necessary for the installation, maintenance, operation and management of local area networks (LAN) in schools of the 2nd, 3rd cycles and secondary.

The tender requires a State investment of around 75 million euros and is valid for three years. The winner will provide a turnkey solution that includes equipment acquisition, management, operation and maintenance.

Other tender procedures are also in progress related to the goals outlined in the Technological Plan for Education. One of them is the tender to supply schools with broadband connections with a speed of 48 Mbps, which should be awarded in July.

In the near term, tenders will be launched for the purchase of computer equipment, projectors and interactive whiteboards and the contest that will allow schools to adopt access control systems, via school card. The first should be launched later this month and be awarded in August. The second will be launched next month, João Mata said.

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