Company sells malware as a monitoring tool for mobile phones

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It is called FlexiSpy and is presented as a monitoring tool for children and spouses for mobile phones, but according to F-Secure, the application marketed by Vervata that, among other things, captures called numbers and text messages, can only be considered software malicious.

The captured data is sent to Vervata’s servers and is then available by accessing a special website. «This application installs itself without any indication of what it is, being absolutely invisible to the user», explained Jarno Niemela of F-Secure from a blog company, quoted by

Jarno Niemela also added that there is a possibility that FlexiSpy could be sent to other mobile phones via Bluetooth connections by someone less well intentioned.

Vervata insists that the program it sells is not malicious. «FlexiSpy will have to be installed and configured by someone, as opposed to what happens with a virus or trojan that spreads automatically, without any action», says the company from its website in the area of ​​questions and answers about the product.

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