Company says what we all already know: apps are crashing more on iOS 8

Company says what we all already know: apps are crashing more on iOS 8

Today is a week that the iOS 8 is among us, and something we've seen quite often is complaints of apps crashing / closing unexpectedly. The "good" news is that this is somewhat generalized.

Specializing in mobile application performance management, the firm Crittercism made an assessment of Apple's new mobile system and concluded that, in fact, apps are holding it back a lot more than they were in the latest version of iOS 7. It was also, who a year ago said something similar comparing the iPhone 5s to the iPhones 5 / 5c.

Crashes on iOS 8

According to Crittercism, the rate of crashes of apps on iOS 8 is 78% higher than on iOS 7.1 3.56%, against 2%. As can be seen from the table above, it is also higher on old iPhones than new ones.

Although it is absurdly boring, this is very common after major updates of operating systems. In addition to bringing several new features to users, iOS 8 comes with more than 4,000 new APIs for developers. Among the crashes recorded, many must be the fault of Apple itself, but several must also have to do with apps that still need to be updated.

In the next 1-3 weeks, these numbers are expected to improve a lot either with the arrival of app updates, or with the likely and long-awaited release of an iOS 8.0.1 of life. For those who are facing problems, it is better to have a little patience than to run to do a downgrade of the system.

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