Company Portal welcomes online creation of 146 companies

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Since it was created in June last year, the Company Portal has already supported the creation of 146 new commercial companies, either public or private. The figures were released by the portal and cover until the end of the first week of the year.

According to the same data, 600 applications for permanent certificates were registered and completed, a document that has the same legal value as the paper certificate and that can be requested by any company registered in a computerized registry. It should be noted that the request and issue online of permanent certificates became possible only about a month ago.

At the same time, the Company Portal started to offer a service to request the registration / change of corporate bodies, also online. By the end of the first week of January, the functionality was used 24 times. The application for registration of quota changes and respective titles, also made available on the platform at the same time, was used 21 times.

The Company Portal was presented on 30 June and hosts a set of services and information aimed at the business community, which until its creation were dispersed on various platforms. The company online it is one of the portal’s reference functionalities, working in coordination with the Empresa na Hora initiative created within the scope of the Simplex and the plans to reduce bureaucracy of State services.

Companies that choose this feature to form themselves formally are subject to the adoption of a name chosen from a pre-defined list and enjoy more affordable prices than in the traditional procedure. When the formation of the company becomes operational, those responsible are notified via SMS or email and they also receive their tax identification number.

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