Company Portal registers 165 new commercial companies in the last semester

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In the last six months, the Company Portal registered 165 new commercial companies, anonymous or by quotas, and was chosen by 62 companies to request the registration of appointment or the change of its governing bodies.

The termination of manager’s duties was the most requested change (17 requests), followed by the appointment of members of the board of directors (16 requests) and the appointment of manager (14 requests).

In charge of the Knowledge Society Agency, the Company Portal already has 520 lawyers and 25 registered solicitors, the only entities that can create online businesses during the first phase.

In turn, Empresa Online registered the request for more than 1,200 permanent electronic certificates, used to prove the legal situation of merchants or civilians, public companies, among others.

The change in quotas and respective holders was another of the features that stood out, having been used 36 times. In total, the Portal accounts for approximately 32 requests for the transmission of quotas and four for unification, site.

It remains to be noted that in order to create an Online Company or access the reserved area, where information on the services provided is available, users must register by requesting a Digital Certificate.

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