Company portal has already received 8,246 requests for permanent certificates

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Over the past four months, the Company Portal received 8,246 requests for permanent certificates. This feature online it became available in December last year and has been sought by companies at an increasing rate.

Permanent certificates serve to prove the legal status of individual traders, commercial companies, civil companies, public companies, among others and may be required online by any entity with computerized records.

According to data from the Company Portal, related to public services online aimed at companies, the Empresa Online service has already enabled – since its founding in July – the creation of 328 companies and hosted 533 registrations for the appointment or alteration of governing bodies, features that the service accumulates and that do not require visiting the corresponding physical counters.

The same information on the Company Portal shows that the channel online it has already hosted 168 changes in the registration of shares and holders.

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