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Company launches security lock that prevents RAM theft from the new 27-inch iMacs

Shortly after Apple released the new iMacs, we reported that only the 27-inch model had RAM slots accessible by the user. That is, whoever buys the smaller model, 21.5 inches, will not be able to make upgrades in the random access memories (in English, random access memory).

RAM of the new 27-inch iMacsRAM of the new 27-inch iMacs

For those who have or intend to buy a 27 ″ iMac, know that the exchange is very easy. Just disconnect the power cable from the back of the Mac and press a button, the protective cover of the RAM open. Then, just pull the two side levers that the RAM access is released.

See how to do it on the video below:

Pretty simple, right? So simple that, according to the manufacturer Maclocks, several hotels, educational institutions and companies are complaining that the RAMs of these iMacs are being stolen. With that in mind, they created a security kit that is nothing more than a protective lock that prevents people from removing the power cord from the iMac.

Security lock for the new 27-inch iMacsSecurity lock for the new 27-inch iMacs

In this way, there is no way to open the RAM access cover. See how the lock can be quickly installed on the machines:

If you plan to equip your company / establishment with new 27 ″ iMacs, protecting RAM may be a good idea. The Maclocks kit is going for $ 40 (outside). As always, I still need to add a good amount to this account for international shipping in my simulation, the freight to Rio de Janeiro was around US $ 36, while the cost to Salvador cost around US $ 72.