company hires engineer who worked with digital license plates

“Apple Car”: company hires engineer who worked with digital license plates

See the profile of Rnn Braonin on LinkedIn:

Rnn Braonin on LinkedIn

Interesting, isn’t it? And it was even more interesting, but Braonin apparently changed it a little to disguise everything before it was ?Secret Agent @ Apple Special Project? (?Secret Agent @ Apple Special Project?).

Taking into account the company’s latest contracts, «Special Project» within Apple is practically a synonym for Project Titan (also known as «Apple Car») Braonin’s history also does not «help», after all he is a former BMW.

After BMW and before going to Apple, he worked as an engineering director at Reviver, a startup that I wanted to create the ?first digital card in the world? (that’s right, a digital car card).

According to the website Electrek, there are several pros in using such a technology, such as vehicle tracking, alerts for expiry of IPVA / inspections deadlines, facility to transfer the car from one person to another, among many other things.

There are, of course, some negative points like visibility in bad weather conditions and durability when driving on precarious roads (like those in Brazil).

However, without a doubt Apple is a company that has the strength and money to solve this type of problem.

Apple Car

With the hiring of Braonin, it becomes even clearer that Apple is really wanting to head into the automotive market.

This type of technology still requires a long conversation with governments, but we are talking about a market that in a few years will radically change the electric and self-driving cars are there and everything indicates that they are here to stay.

So it is still a great time to legislate not only disruptive things like the possibility of having machines driving for us, but also smaller technological implementations but that will bring great benefits (like the digital card).

As much as some people still believe in discrediting the company saying that it is a highly competitive market with ?low? profit margins, that Ma has no experience in the area, among other things, we must never forget that Apple did not even have experience in the smartphone market or relationship with operators.

Still, it went on to dismantle the market in a way never seen before, taking on a very important role in the distribution of mobile software (see how even today operators / companies interfere in Android, for example) and profiting stratospheric figures in an already established segment with low margins.

Of course, this does not mean that Apple will succeed in this new endeavor if it does happen.

But I would not doubt and / or bet against it.

(via 9to5Mac)