Company compares iPad mini 4, Air 2 and Pro screens; know which one is the best

Company compares iPad mini 4, Air 2 and Pro screens; know which one is the best

Just as we have traditionally followed the disassembly of a new Apple device by iFixit, the Displaymate It also proposes to analyze the screens of all new gadgets of the company. And with the iPad Pro it was no different.

Performing a number of calibration and image testing tests in a fully controlled environment, DisplayMate compared the screens of today's iPads (mini 4, Air 2 and Pro). The result?

IPad family - Pro, Air and mini

The iPad mini 4's LCD screen remains the best and most accurate ever tested by them! However, that doesn't mean that iPad Pro is ugly. O iPado earned “very good” or “excellent” grades in all aspects. The DisplayMate ranking, then, looked like this: iPad mini 4, iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 something that is perfectly easy to understand, since Air 2 was launched in 2014 (a year before the other two).

All iPads have LCDs (liquid crystal displays, or IPS liquid crystal displays (in-plane switching) of high performance, but with different performance improvements. Both Air 2 and Pro iPads have photo-aligned LCDs, which provide higher contrast ratios than the traditional and most common mini 4 mechanical alignment. In addition, iPad Pro has a TFT panel (thin-film transistor) with metal oxide, which increases the light transfer rate to the panel and therefore increases its energy efficiency, which is particularly important in a large backlit mobile LCD panel that needs a lot of battery power to maintain all your LEDs (light emitting diodes, or LEDs) shining.

The screens of the three models have a similar maximum brightness and, when adjusted, iPad Pro has the best contrast ratio, followed by Air 2 and mini 4; j in color gamut, the order is reversed and the iPad mini 4 did the best; In need of color, the iPad mini 4 was also the best closely followed by the Pro; in reflectance testing, the iPad mini 4 again did better followed by the Air 2 and the Pro; Finally, in energy efficiency testing, the iPad Pro was the best performer because of the metal oxide TFT panel.

For those interested, it is worth taking a look at DisplayMate's comparative tables.

(via MacRumors)