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Company Announces First 3.5 ″ SSD with 50TB (!) Capacity

Viking Technology announced last week the UHC-Silo SSD, your newest solid state drive. Being a pioneer in the entire market, this new product has amazing 50TB of storage, which means much more space and a considerable energy reduction compared to conventional HDDs.

Still, the company was able to compress it all into the same standard 3.5 ″ format, and was equipped with the standard SAS interface to facilitate migration to flash memory.

Viking UHC Silo SSD 50TB

There is no higher capacity SSD solution than UHC-Silo SSD. This unit allows administrators of data centers easily migrate to SSD performance and achieve a large increase in capacity. As space and cooling are very important requirements in data centersNowadays, these advantages will make all the difference.

Hamid Shokrgozar, president of Viking Technology.

The UHC-Silo SSD has a processor flash The latest generation, balancing performance, capacity, cost and energy efficiency, which greatly facilitates tasks dealing with large data, cloud storage, external storage systems, digital imaging and media, among others.

In addition, its idle power consumption is below 10W, while its active power reaches 16W; It can still save on energy, space and cooling costs by up to 80% per terabyte. The drive can reach a read speed of 500MB / s and 350MB / s for writing.

The UHC-Silo SSD will have a reasonable price base, charging about $ 0.40 per GB. It will be available in 25TB and 50TB versions, with final prices around $ 10,000 and $ 20,000 respectively. That is, not even remotely intended for the ordinary household consumer yet.

via AnandTech