Companies with reduced bureaucracy at Simplex 2009

Companies save 5 million with Simplex in mandatory registration acts

The Simplex week kicked off yesterday in Matosinhos and the Government announced three new measures for the next edition of the program. Firma Online, the Enterprise Portal 2.0 and the request for licensing and registration of an industrial activity are the news.

The first two measures result from the improvement of existing conditions in terms of creation and online business registrations, while the third will allow industrialists to monitor their licensing application process over the Internet, ensuring that their applications are being processed. followed by administrative services.

According to the Government, through the Firma Online platform, the registration of companies becomes automatic. So far, to be assured that the companies would be approved, the firm’s holders had to choose the name of the entity from a pre-approved list or request a certificate that proves the legality of the chosen name. Now, in case the company is registered with the name of the partners or if another name is desired for the company, the certificate of the national registration of legal persons is not necessary and the approval or rejection of the company will be given in 24 hours.

The Enterprise Portal 2.0 will have the function of creating a single point of service where companies can solve problems and access all services – Finance, Social Security, among others. The space can be personalized, in a secure way, using the authenticated use of the citizen’s card, and creating a kind of «company electronic file».

With these measures, José Sócrates says that companies will be able to create a company «in just 30 minutes», comparing the time currently spent with the 54 days spent a few years ago, quotes Jornal de Noticias.

Pedro Silva Pereira, Minister of the Presidency, stated that «the fight against bureaucracy was part of the agenda of all governments» but only now, in the third Simplex, is that «it is finally achieving results».