Companies need to move faster to B2B

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The figures obtained by the study carried out in partnership between ACEP, Netsonda and IDC estimate the electronic business between companies at 1.6 billion euros, with a forecast of 2.5 billion for the volume to be reached in 2011. Luís Valadares Tavares, member of ACEP and President of the Engineering and Technology Prospective Observatory, defends that these values ​​are conservative, because they have the underlying reason that the companies’ business model remains the same, and says that he expects volumes to be much higher.

«I am convinced that B2B will increase much more», he explains at a conference dedicated to the theme of B2B that takes place this morning at the Communications Foundation, under the organization of ACEP. Luís Valadares Tavares stresses that companies will have to focus on their core business and contract more things abroad, which will increase the use of electronic platforms.

The President of the Observatory for Prospective Engineering and Technology also states that the study does not include the entry of the State in electronic purchases, noting that in six months a code will be ready, which is one of the most advanced in Europe and that will allow the complete abolition of paper in contracts.

«We have all the conditions to advance in the electronic business: we have the enablers, good platforms, good experiences, international reference awards and the state moving forward «, aligns Luís Valadares Tavares, adding that» this is an issue that companies cannot postpone because any transformation takes a long time «.

Setting the bar in the next six months, when the public procurement code is ready, the OPET president warns that he has the feeling that time is running out. «In 97 [quando começou a estudar o tema no âmbito da ACEP] we had no time, not in 2007 «, he defends, adding that» we will not want to be in the situation of having the bureaucratic machine [do Estado] more advanced and the company is still working with paper. Whoever is behind loses market share and we cannot risk it «.

THE workshop which is taking place today at the Fundação das Comunicações Portuguesa, has as its theme «New business opportunities: Buy and Sell in electronic markets for companies» and takes place within the scope of the Electronic Commerce Week organized by ACEP.

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